Monday, June 27, 2011

Bas Relief Liles, Part Two

This is part two of my metal lilies.  I neglected to say that this is a 9"x12" piece of pewter.  Very satisfying to engrave into, although no mistakes are allowed.  I'd hate to do something man made and technical on something like this... oh yeah... I pretty much never like doing man made, technical things!

Now the lilies are gessoed onto a nice, stiff canvas board, and it has been drying for a few days.  You may note that there's gesso also directly on top of the pewter.  This is because the pewter has no tooth, of course, and won't accept paint; however, the gesso adds tooth and the paint will stick to those places.  Also you can see that I rubbed the gesso off more in some places than others.  Makes life interesting and adds to the mystery, and also helps me manipulate the viewer.

It actually is square, it's just that my photography is lacking (hey, we can't be great at everything!)  I'll be painting it in a few days, and will show you IF I like it!  ha, ha!

Today I went down to the Woodlands Art League Gallery.  We're moving across the street.  There's still a lot to do in our new facility before we move.  Today was sanding and carrying stuff.  Sanding and carrying stuff.  SOON it's going to look GREAT! Hey, a new coat of paint makes everything look better... hmmm... maybe THAT'S what I need!

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