Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bas Relief Lilies

Last week I purchased some Oriental lilies; they always inspire me - the fragrance alone is inspiring!  Tonight I finally finished the first stage of lilies on metal.  For this piece I chose a really heavy gauge of metal to get some good relief going.  Next, I'll gesso the metal to a support, and once that's dry, I'll be painting it.  As I'm almost out of gesso and my hand is exhausted, the next step will hopefully be Saturday.  Stay tuned...


  1. i've enjoyed your traveling-blog of late, and turkey too? wow, how lucky are you!

    i would love to know HOW you are doing this and what metal this is... you must not mean leaf but actual metal...? i saw the previous post and hoped you would elaborate then too xxx

  2. Hi, Linda, I often use one called ArtEmboss. It comes on a roll about 12" x 4' for about $12.00. Usually I order if from Texas Art Supply, but I've noticed that Dick Blick, I think Jerry's Art a Rama and others have it as well. For my students, I use a pretty thin gauge (it comes in different gauges, or thicknesses). For myself, I use a heavier gauge. For these lilies, the gauge was much heavier and I got a 9x12 INCH piece for probably about $12.00.