Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Johnson Illustrated Bible

There are many ways to study the Bible, many books and guides to lead you through, ask questions, fill in the blanks... I prefer another way - JUST READING THE BIBLE!

We've kind of come around to a unique way to study - each day get out a clean sheet of paper.  We usually do a chapter or two, sometimes adding a Psalm or some verses we're memorizing.  Whatever it is we study, we put down on paper.  What makes it unique is that we often illustrate it.  Whatever we write down may be verses, a synopsis of what we learned, or drawings depicting scenes we read about.  I've done this with all my kids now.  Each day when finished, we put our hole-punched paper into a binder.  We've got books of these pages.

Let me see now, Noah's 12, and with him I've gone through... thinking... Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus (yes, we read all the names and numbers) Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, I and II Chronicles... Psalms and Proverbs, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, (the first three chapters of Romans so far, gotta do that one bit by bit), portions of Paul's letters, all of Revelation and the prophecy books in the Old Testament (Isaiah, Daniel and portions of the minor prophets).

We're currently working on Ezra, and also skipping around in Paul's letters doing a little study on grace and peace.  I'm not saying this to brag, but want you to know that you, too, can do this.  We use many different mediums to hold kids' interest (pen, pencil, watercolors, crayons, markers, metals, etc.)  When their hands are busy, their minds have a chance to listen.

Here are a few pages of both mine and Noah's.  Each day we have our own sheet and add it to the book.  Now and then we look back at what we've done, and the pictures and notes bring everything we learned back to us.  Ready?  Here goes!  Just remember as you look that we're not going for great art here.  We're going for learning and documenting what we've learned.

And yes, the one you noted above with red drips all over it is indeed candle wax.  Smells good, too.

I hope you also saw his very big sacrificial fire with the little dude standing at the base.  Just makes you happy, doesn't it?  And the people in the picture with Samson?  As you can see, they're getting ready to die.  That's one thing about the Bible, it provides lots of chances for boys to illustrate BLOOD!  I remember one of our pastors saying that the Bible is R rated, which leads me to this comment - yes - I do skip things now and then.  I can think of probably three chapters I've skipped.  He can study them when he's more mature.

Look at the little corner on this page, down on the right.  That's what I often do when we pray.  I'll write down whomever I'm praying for and doodle and color around them.  This is the only one I've included here because most have too many names and too much information on them.  When I am doing this, it keeps my attention focused on my prayers.  Some of them get very complex!

One more comment: you likely noticed that on many of the sheets there are typed verses.  When I want us to memorize a particular verse, I type it up, print out a dozen sheets, and put them in the back of our binder.  I'll use one verse until we have it memorized, then keep the extra sheets in to pull out in the future to remind us of what we've memorized.  Some days we use plain, blank sheets, depending on what we're going to be studying.

It took me years to figure out that I'm simply too artistic to do study guides and fill in blanks.  They drive me crazy! Anyway, depending on your bent, this type of study may also be for YOU! 

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