Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Inside Tattoo - Dangerous Sport

We all know that art is a dangerous sport, and I had to go out and prove it.  Last week I did something I've never done before, and hope to never do again.  After teaching my classes I was packing all my art supplies up to load into my car, piling them in one spot on the floor.  I have a basket that's divided into sections that I've filled with pencils, pens, paint, markers, tape, you get it, and... a very sharp, very sturdy bamboo pen.  This particular animal is about ten inches long and covered with India ink.  And, you guessed it, the basket down on the floor was supporting this infamous blackguard of a pen in a nice upright position.

As I was working I stepped over the supplies and misjudged, bringing my full weight down on that pen.  It pushed up into the inside of my leg, skewering me!  One of those times when you just have to hold still and concentrate on breathing.  I'm nine days out now and it's still bothering me.  The hole was about a half inch in diameter, so it's been taking its own sweet time to close, and the area around it is still REALLY irritated.  The joke was that I was trying to give myself a tattoo INSIDE.  A number of people that have seen it thought initially it was a Brown Recluse spider bite, because it looks similar, but I'm not feeling like joking anymore; I'd just really like it to get better.  And I'd like to start wearing dresses again.

Yep.  Art.  A dangerous sport.  Handle it with care.

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