Saturday, February 25, 2012

Northern Pike Painting, Installmt #4, Finished

Well!  Once again my technical shortcomings are showing.  I've got a vertical pic here, where it's obviously horizontal.  I downloaded it horizontal, but every time I transferred it to my blog, it went vertical.  Let's just pretend it's like the thirty foot vertical Hubble and Hudson fish and say I did it on purpose.

Anyway, I finished it!  Like!  When you see it in person, the colors are super bright, and all over the painting you can see through the layers, getting a sense of depth.

Now all I have to do is let it dry for a day and then spray it with a spray varnish.  Once that's dry, I'll varnish it with a liquid varnish.  Both of these are archival, and high gloss, which I prefer, because they deepen and brighten the colors.

As you can see, it's still taped to my drawing board.  Within two weeks I'll have it finished and framed.  At that point, I'll take another photo so we can compare to see how much deeper and brighter the colors have become.

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