Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Ribbon Winner - My Pike!

 Today we had a judged show into which I entered my Northern Pike.  I won first place in the professional water media category!  Yay!

These are liquid acrylics on YUPO.  I masked out the fish and painted the background with probably four layers of cool colors.

Once satisfied with the background, I removed the masking (some type of friskit, I forget which one,) and switched to my small brushes.

My fish itself is comprised of pretty hot colors: oranges, reds, quite a lot

of pearlescents.  I left the cool colors on the fish itself to both make the viewer wonder that 1) you could see through the fish, and 2) feel that it's a part of its surroundings.

The last step was to spatter with come bright metallic green - this also helped connect the overall painting because I had a lot of that going on in the background as well.

I'm glad they liked it!  I do.  It will hang now with the other winners, and then all prize winners will be automatically entered into the next, bigger judged show, which is coming up in a couple months.

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