Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kaleidoscope Remembered

I had actually forgotten about this picture - a man walked into the gallery, walked straight toward it and took it off the wall without hesitation.  I don't think the price was too much of a concern to him - he knew what he wanted!  This one's pretty big.

I've got a fairly bad photo going on here - hey - can't be good at everything! You can see some reflections going on.  Sorry!
This shows a little detail of what's going on all over in the larger painting.  I like to work to get the colours all flowing one into another - it gives a seriously interesting texture and depth that draws the eye in and holds it.

Here's another little cutaway.  Generally when I do paintings like this I use different kinds of inks and paints - solid, opaque colours, inks that are fairly translucent, transparent colors which you can see right through, iridescents and metallics.  Some seem to recede and some come up to the front, giving the painting an unusual feeling of depth.  Photos really can't show that - you have to see it in person!

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