Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beginnings of a Painting, Part 3

And now,the continuing saga of 'Beginnings of a Painting!'

 All right, previously we left the studio with everything set up, and the painting at the stage of only having the cartoon drawn out.

Now it's time to start fleshing out those arms.  And so... that's exactly what I'm doing.  Trying to keep it fairly loose so a little of the background shows through.  I'm not one that has the patience for highly polished exactitude.

One arm almost down!

Okay, two arms almost down!  I knew I had to do these in one sitting to make sure the paints didn't dry out on me.  I don't relish the thought of remixing exact colors like this as I think I've got seven colors mixed for this skin tone.

All right, two arms now pretty much done.  I'll have to finesse them after the third arm is finished, but that will have to be done later, in one sitting as well.

Arm number three will have to wait now, until tomorrow.  I am tired!

By the way, you would note that my 'easel' is not your ordinary easel, but a Rubbermaid box and a pile of books.  I am pleased to announce that a good friend is selling me a beautiful easel that he DESIGNED and MADE himself.  Looking forward to getting that Saturday!  It will be nice to be able to work without having the painting precariously balanced and sometimes falling over!


  1. Spectacular, a beautiful painting with great force, a pleasure to behold!

  2. Thank you! I'll continue to post as I progress. Getting to the end finally!