Thursday, January 29, 2015

Professional Profile Picture

Hello, Wonderful People.
My name is Cindy Johnson.  This is a picture of me.  It's the one I use on all my professional advertising, fliers, brochures, etc.  It's a telling portrait, and I've had to fight program coordinators on a number of occasions to let me use it.  "Your hand is in the picture!"  "It's unorthodox!"

But it tells a lot about my character, so this is the one I use.

It happened by accident.

I was playing in an orchestra and we were preparing for a show.  Not positive, but I think it was Cinderella.  (Oh, that was a FUN show!)

The orchestra pit was set up at the foot of the stage, with our conductor front and center.  We were split, half of us facing him from one side, and half from the other, which means we could all see the stage with at least one eye.

Not that I was ever a trickster or anything, but I persuaded the entire orchestra to Sharpie mustaches on their fingers.  At given points during that particular show, which means when individual musicians had rests and didn't have to play) we would 'mustache' the actors, trying to get them to break character, which of course they never did.  Anyway, we had our fun and after the show enjoyed some, let's say enthusiastic conversations with the actors. :)

So, the finger mustache signifies fun.  I like it.  And if I ever greet you like this, I'm just inviting you to play.

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