Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bio and Hint at Summer Art Classes

You know, once again I'm working on the ol' bio.  Do we ever stop tweeking them?  It occurred to me I might as well put it here, too, so you know who you're dealing with.

I am holding private classes this summer at our house, I'm blatantly stealing from NPR and calling them 'Driveway Moments.'  I'll also be teaching at The Woodlands Art League Gallery,

Sooo.... here's the lowdown on me.

CINDY JOHNSON is an award winning artist who has produced artwork for many organizations, illustrated books and designed sets for theater.  Her most recently illustrated book, Ribbons of Rainbows, is connected with Reflective Life Ministries (  As a professional artist, she takes commissions and sells paintings, teaches ongoing classes, and at art conventions, galleries and events.  One of her passions is sharing her love of art with kids of any age, and she especially enjoys teaching art classes and giving private lessons.  Cindy’s artistic interest ranges widely and she is comfortable in many mediums.  Students in her classes will learn pencil, technical pen, charcoal, pastels, metal embossing, watercolors, crayon, watercolor pencils, collage, different printing methods and oil sticks among many other things.  Intensely curious and with a keen interest in art history, she will draw students into conversations about art through the ages, from Early Christian works right up to modern times, including current art events.  They will quickly become comfortable and confident judges of art, learning how to make their own decisions and not be swayed by what they are exposed to in every area of the art world.  Cindy is widely traveled and has learned in the great museums of the world.  These experiences are shared with students, making art come alive.  Her desire is that people will find beauty and hope in her paintings and in her life.  To find more on her life and work, go to her blog,  To contact her for sales, commissions or classes, email her at  

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