Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plaster Sculpture for Classes; Goofy Bird

Well, here we are again, doing crazy things.  I have never claimed to be a sculptor, for good reason.  But I just felt a driving need to have my kids try it out.  So, I purchased huge amounts of plaster tape, turned myself into a regular crane, and hefted the heavy stuff all over the place.

 Just remember, I never claimed to be a sculptor.  But here is my magnum opus in all its plastered glory.  He had humble beginnings - a plastic drinking cup and a yogurt bowl upon which I built aluminum foil, tape and cardboard.

I think the most fun was that I taught my students to dumpster dive.  Yep.  People pay me to teach their kids how to dumpster dive.  Kind of makes ya smile, doesn't it? :)  And oh, we found great things!

Once we had our armatures done, the plaster tape came out and our world turned white.  Kids young and old got really engrossed in their work and began to drool.  I know it's good when we get to that point.

So, here's my goofy bird awaiting his eyes.  My mother, daughter and I poured over the button jar together finding the perfect pair.

Do any of you remember digging through the buttons when you were kids?  I remember my mother saving buttons from old garments and tossing them in the jar.  As a child, I would dump them all out and arrange them in any number of ways, patterns, colors, etc. for hours at a time.  Okay, I was easily entertained.  But I was thoughtful and artistic even then.

So, here's my final furry fellow.  Quite handsome, I think.  Kind of makes you laugh, which is exactly my point.

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