Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wood Block Finish, Part Two

 Okay, here's the scary part.  This is where I lay down my Golden super thick gel coat.  It's opaque when you lay it down, and turns glossy and transparent a few hours later as it's drying.

I took a picture of it after I laid it down and added the texture so you could see what it looks like at this stage.  For most of his face and hair, I simply drew in face and hair texture with my fingers.  Although I added the gel with a spatula, my hands just can't resist.  The spatula wouldn't give me what I wanted.

After the face and hair texture, I chose this goofy texture plate and laid it down at the bottom and on the sides (it's I think 1 1/2" deep.)

Now that it's dry you can see how much the texture adds.  Also, the gloss deepens the colors.  As any other medium, matt sometimes lightens colors, gloss will deepen and enrich them.  I have a hard time NOT choosing gloss, since I'm almost a Fauvist.

Done!  And, I like it!

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