Friday, May 8, 2015

Remembering the Louvre

Aaaahhhh.... I remember.

It's been a big day.  We just got home and have been gone since early this morning.  My mind wants to think of nothing.

So, I thought I'd just scan some photos for relaxation and came to this one.

It's not one I took, I guess I found it on Art Daily News, where I'm always poking around, but....

When we were at The Louvre, I distinctly remember wearing my feet to unhappy stumps and then sitting at the edge of these pools soaking them, flipping water and tickling my toes.

And the balcony in the background is a nice, bustling cafeteria for visually- and foot-weary people.  The day was exactly like this, sunny, fresh and dry.  I sat on the wide granite (rail?) fence? banister? and soaked up some of those nice rays, that is, until one of the workers shooed me off the ledge.  Ah, well.

Beautiful museum that it is, there is so much special about the place.  But I'm too tired to talk about it.  So I'm just going to look at the photo and remember.

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