Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sharpies, Blackberries, and Sledding

You know, every now and then, it just has to happen.  Sharpies.

As an artist, I make sure my materials are archival and acid free, but now and then I just need... Sharpies.

They fairly glow, don't they?  Begging you to lay them out color wheel fashion and try each color?

I have enough artist markers around to build a bridge between us and Russia (THAT'S a big bridge these days!) but find myself saying, 'I just need a Sharpie!'

Long lasting, permanent and cheap. I won't use them in my art, but soon they'll be spread throughout the house serving their various Sharpie functions, marking water bottles, labeling t-shirts and aiding poster projects.

But in the meantime, I think I'll just lay them out color wheel fashion and lay down a little color.

Post Scriptum:  You may have noticed my handy little bucket.  This little friend has been with me for a very long time.  I'd have to check, and I don't want to move right now, but I think somewhere on it there's a date - 1998.  We hail from Northern climes, and yes, I miss those berries.  I painted these as a tribute to... well, our sledding days.

When our three oldest were very young, we had a blackberry patch at the bottom of one of the hills on our property.  In snowy weather, we often pondered the fact that it was at the BOTTOM!  Think sledding. It was cold, so of course the only exposed skin was our faces.  After having gotten our fair share of facial scratches, we figured out that if we laid down at the perfect moment, we could slide right through a hole in the blackberries and come out pretty much unscathed!  The challenge made sledding much more rewarding. We just won't go to the place where one of my sons straddled a tree on his downhill ride.  That's another story!

At any rate, ye ol' blackberry bucket is my tribute to our fun sledding times, and all the blackberries, raspberries and strawberries we left behind.

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