Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Part One - Fifth Painting in Animal Series Finished!

Well, today I met myself coming and going.  I literally had to drive six 'legs,' leaving and coming home three times.

In the midst of all this, school has BEGUN!  I've got students everywhere, and getting them signed up, registered, getting supplies straight and figuring out where we're supposed to be every day has literally had me coming and going!

In the meantime, I needed to finish this painting, finished another one for a patron who has commissioned me, and have been brainstorming all week on my next commission piece.

And here is my new ... well, I can't exactly say pet, because he looks rather predatory... how about this... here's my new friend.  Yes.  He IS my friend.  I love his colors and his beautiful green eyes.  There is no brown in this painting, it's all gold and blacks.  The gold is very reflective and lends a really stunning effect.

The first in my animal series was a lion which I named King.  I did a second, stunningly gorgeous lion for a patron who commissioned me to do a different size, and that one looks like a glowing gem out of the Garden of Eden.  Then followed a very colorful tiger, which I named 'Circus,' and a friendly bear that I named, 'Oh, My!'  Last in the series of... how many... lion, lion, tiger, bear, wolf.  Five!

Here he is!  Another big painting.  For sale -  $800.00.

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