Friday, August 21, 2015

Wolf Painting in Process, Part 3 (5th Painting in Animal Series)

Okay, background done.  Now it's time for wolfie.  This photo will show my next step.  You can see the laydown of black paint getting everything in place.  Once I've got things established, it's a matter of going around and adding values.  
I work the entire painting at once, which makes it more cohesive when it's finished.

Most of the 'abstract' brushstrokes from my previous session I'm trying to leave untouched and uncovered.  I like the way the abstract strokes and drips show through his features.

Most of his furry mane I'm going to leave to the imagination.  Everyone knows what a wolf's mane looks like, and I like the looks of the gold drips.  If I wanted it to look exactly like a wolf, I'd take a photo.

I always save the eyes for last.  For me, it's the icing on the cake.  The butter on the toast... the Bailey's in the coffee... the butter on the POPCORN...

Definitely popcorn tonight.

I digress.

Here's a nice closeup of my friend, which includes my favorite spot in the painting, that wild gold splat pointing toward his eye.

You can also see that in just a few chosen places, I added touches of a deep grey-green to unify everything.  THAT, my friend, is the powdered sugar on the doughnut!

Check Part 4 out for the final. :)  For sale.

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