Friday, August 21, 2015

Part 4 - Wolf - Fifth Painting in Animal Series

Here he is in all his glory.  I love him.  I think I'm going to call him 'Wolfe.'

For sale: 24" x 30" - $800.00
 I left him on my table so you could have a reference on size.  This is really close to its true colors.

A word on black.  Most artists, myself included, do not use straight black in a painting.  You have to be really careful with it or it will look like a big, black hole.  I almost always mix another color into my blacks, or use a nice Payne's Grey.

This painting, however, seemed to beg for black.  The strong blacks and golds work together to make it really dynamic.  This is not a subtle, over the couch painting.  It's a take over the room painting.  Good color choice.

You can find the other animals in this series in my previous posts through the past few months.  The first one was a lion.  I took my dad to the doctor and they wouldn't let me go in with him.  So... I did a lion sketch from a magazine.  When I got home, I thought... "I could paint a lion..." and the rest is history.

In the series:
My first lion, which I named 'King.'  He's up for sale in the DaVinci Gallery in Tomball.
I did another lion, which I call 'Paradise,' as a commission.  Done, beautiful, and sold.
Next was a wildly colored tiger which I named 'Circus.'  He's a handsome fellow I can't let out of my studio just yet.
Then ... well... lions and tigers and bears!  A huge, colorful bear with a simple and thoughtful expression... kind of like he has Alzheimer's.  I call this one 'Oh, My!'

Last, my friend shown above, 'Wolfe.'  A regular menagerie. :)  Satisfied.

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