Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Horse Painting, Part One

Working on a new painting.  One of my favorite parts of horses is their majestic necks.  So.... it was time to do one!  Following in my animal series, here we go again!  I had this big, square canvas which just seemed to be begging for a horse. 

Here we are in our early stages.  I forgot to take a photo of just the background, but had loosely laid out the horse shape and simply painted around it in a scratchy, drippy style.  It doesn't exactly fit the horse, but I wanted to do it this way to give it some tension and movement.  More about the background later.

Time for the horse.  I laid him down in Paynes Grey and a nice cobalt blue I recently picked up.

This is the time consuming part, making sure I've got the proportions right.  One of my pet peeves is paintings with incorrect proportions.

Proportions - check!

Then I pulled the loose background in to the horse to make up for any inconsistencies in my lay-down.  You can see it best in the way I treated the mane falling down in front of his face (surely he is a HE!).  I simply straightened out the proportions and left the white for the mane.


More later!

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