Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Continuing Sage of the Artist's Desktop

Hello, Wonderful People,
Here I am again at my desk.NPR can have 'Tiny Desk Concerts,' I can have a 'Tiny Desk Musing.'

My desk is never clean.  Nor unused.  It's always covered with something, though when I finish one task I clean off all the supplies before beginning another.

This is my next job:

Here you see a board with color swatches that I'm working on for a commission for one of my clients.  This is for the background of a painting I'll be doing for them.  Once finished, I'll take it over and we'll see how it looks in the room with both the northern lighting and the colors they already have in place. 

It's going to be a lovely 7' x about 3' painting to go over their bed, and will feature a leaping ballerina!  I'm excited to get to that stage as I've already worked on a number of other ballerinas in preparation for this one.

It won't be long  before you see the good stuff...

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