Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Horse Painting, Part Two

Okay, here is my fine fellow as I've been adding some cobalt blue  As I'm working I'm looking at what I did on his neck and not liking it.  At all.  Okay, second stage.
 In the second picture I'm working out what colors I'm adding in to the mane.  Pinks, peaches yellows. 

I've added a lot of greens into the horse's face and absolutely loving it.  There's chemistry going on there.  Definitely.

But the mane is not working at all.  OUT!!

The third picture shows the new colors I've decided upon.  All cool colors - greens, blues and some yellow.  THIS I like!  I'm going with that!Looking at some of the shadows in the neck which I am NOT liking.  These are going to go.  The longest part of the mane laying on the neck I'm going to cover so it looks like shadows.  Look for part three and we'll see what happens.

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