Friday, April 15, 2016

Danny's Surprise, Part the Eighth or Ninth?

Check previous posts; I lost track. Whatever the post number, this is the NEXT one!

Okay, shadows! This pulls everything together. I'm also adjusting and adding to the background, and working all around the entire painting at once. There are tiny adjustments everywhere which probably no one but me would notice, but they're big as far as I'm concerned.  I don't want anything in this not exactly perfect.

One thing to note is that my original plan was to put in a little more background, especially behind her.  But, going with the flow as any artist worth his salt should do, I found the background beautiful and perfect the way it was.  Any other detail would detract from the main subject, the couple, and also subtract from that beautiful glow around them, including the breathtaking wash of silver layered over the blue, top center.

There's been an ongoing conversation about her purse and sweater.  As with all commissions, I continually send pictures of the painting in progress, and there's a continuing dialog of questions and answers.  This assures that my people like what they get in the end.  At first we decided that she wouldn't have anything in her hand.  But Danny had the phone, and that's very natural for just about anyone in this world. 

After that, we decided we'd have her holding just the purse.  But I couldn't paint the purse because the sweater was covering most of it, and I didn't know what it looked like!  If you were this gal, wouldn't it bother you if you were carrying someone else's purse?  Definitely!

So, I asked him to surreptitiously hang her purse on a chair and take a shot of it for me. It was at that point he decided he wanted her sweater and her purse IN.  Good call!  His idea was that he had his phone, they were hand in hand, and she had her sweater and purse, both like they always do, to be comfortable.  They are comfortable with each other and comfortable with their normal things.  Hey, Danny, you're a smart feller!

Now is the stage we've been waiting for - as far as I can see, I'm done!

But... not done yet - first... approval.  Won't consider it finished until I send it to him and he is content.  Part the Ninth or Tenth will let you know what he says. 

Stay tuned!

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