Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Danny's Surprise, Part the Sixth

Background done, check. Figures drawn, check. Now, the fun stuff. Let's begin with his uniform.

This is my favorite stage of painting, but as you can see from the first five parts, it took a long time to get here.  May I digress and say that most amateurs begin with this stage, and then wonder what went wrong.  Lots of planning in the front of your work makes for a nice painting that looks like it was easily done.  Jump right in and you'll often drown.  Trust me, I'm the Queen of Jumping In, and I've drowned many times.

Now that I've painted Danny's uniform, I can see I got his left shoulder way too high - ARG!  Remember, with acrylics, there's no going back!  Oils take a very long time to dry which gives the artist a chance to correct his work, and if all else fails, he can simply scrape the oil paint off and begin again!  Acrylics dry extremely quickly and Danny's shoulder is permanently too high.

Never fear - I'm going to block it from my mind and continue with my plan, then once I get to the background, I'll block it out.  The plan is to do in this order: clothing, skin, hair, background and then shadows and small details to pull it all together and make it one cohesive unit. As you can see from the photo in a previous post, there are some trees behind him.  They will become part of his shoulder.

Aside from the little shoulder problem, I like it already!  Because of all that notebook planning, the center of the painting is light and glowy, and will frame their bodies nicely in that golden day, newly married glow.  Good.

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