Saturday, September 22, 2018

Glassell School of Art, Houston

I had work downtown this week and made sure to pop in over at the Glassell School of Art to see what they’ve done.  I missed their Grand Opening (since they razed the previous building to the ground and started fresh), but enjoyed poking around on my own probably more than I would have at the opening.  It’s beautiful.

This first pic is me and my new friend.  I can’t remember the artist but it was done within the last 60 years, if I remember correctly.  It’s called something like ‘______________ in a landscape,’ and features this fine fellow, made entirely of glitter, yes, glitter, in a landscape of neutrals.  The entire piece was like 12’x7’.  Anyway, this little guy and I made friends and had a nice (pretty much one-sided) conversation.
This is the space they’ve dedicated to performances and lectures, really nice.  Lots of natural light, in fact, maybe too much for things held in the afternoon, with the sun blazing in.

This third photo is from the park in between the MFAH, where I had just been snooping around, and the Glassell.  I didn’t have my sunglasses with me and it was a super hot day, so I avoided the outdoor roof-steps.  That will be for a time with a cool sunset and a friend. :)

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