Saturday, March 7, 2020

Studio Artist, Paintbrushes

The dirty truth.  My brushes may LOOK dirty here, but in reality they’re actually quite clean, thank you.  I don’t care a lot about the handles and paint dries on them anyway while I’m painting but the bristles are another story.  I may even be a little anal about brushes.  If you see anything that looks dirty in my bristles it’s not paint but a brush cleaner and preservative. I thoroughly clean the brushes, then load them with ‘The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preservative.’ I’ll let them dry and leave them like this until I use them again, then I just wash them out.  Good stuff.  And at the price of good paint brushes, well worth the price.  And... do you see a couple rubbery-tipped ‘brushes?’ They’re for drawing into wet paint. :)

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