Saturday, March 28, 2020

Indigo Fantasy

If you have to be home it’d sure be nice to stare at something gorgeous, huh?

I finally got this painting posted for sale now on my website,
 I LOVE IT!  I kept it super sketchy for movement and glazed it in layers and layers of deep blues and violets.  Because of the glazing it takes on a glowing, stained glass appearance in person.  The colors are super hard to capture but it’s a combination of all these put together. 
This one, for example, is far too purple, and has too much light shining on it...
This one’s nice...

The many layers of glazing make this glow like a stained glass window, one color beneath another. ❤️ 

Another closeup...

 $700.00. There’s a lot more info on my website and I also give studio tours - and free gifts with each tour!  Just ask!

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