Friday, April 3, 2020

Online Art Teacher

As long as we’re home, I might as well include you guys just a bit in my online art classes:
Japan is full of art! It’s not only in museums and galleries but right under your feet in the streets!  Aren’t they GORGEOUS???  My favorite is definitely the face.  And if anyone can figure out what that carwash looking one is, please let me know!

In the 80s someone came up with the idea of beautiful art on manhole covers to raise awareness and help pay for costly sewer projects.  Each city had art competitions for designs.  The designs usually speak about that which makes the city famous, for example if they make a certain product there or are famous for whale sitings.

The idea took off and soon cities were competing with each other for the best designs! Now there are manholes all over Japan and they are encouraging tourists and travelers to go to certain places to find special manholes!  Japan has been hard hit in the past years by acts of nature and these regions are creating special manholes to encourage tourists to come.  This will help with the rebuilding of these areas.
Even Pokemon has gotten into the game to help with disaster areas.  They want to encourage tourists to go see them.  Think about it… how could those Pokemon manhole covers help those places make money so they can rebuild?  (I wish WE had such pretty manhole covers!). They’re a delight, aren’t they? :)

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