Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pippy’s Adventures Painting Series

As you go into the new week, be kind.  Remember, if a cat and bird can be friends, then we all can be kind to everyone. 

I began this series of paintings, Pippy’s Adventures, after our son’s cat, Pippy.  This loveable, unforgettable cat has gotten into more trouble than all the 30 plus cats we’ve had in our life.  Getting stuck on the roof, getting stuck up trees, meeting neighbor cats not-in-a-good-way, bringing home lots of... small animals...  Every other day or so one of us says ‘bring the antibiotic and come and help me with Pippy’ as a matter of course.  Life is an adventure with this kooky, intrepid cat that I tried not to love.  Didn’t work, little stinker.  Anyway, I have just a few Pippy paintings left in my shop.

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