Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Missions Trip Thoughts

This is the first installment of my thoughts on the missions trip from which I just returned last weekend.  For political reasons, I can't really tell you where we went, so I purposefully kept that type of detail vague in my writings.  I apologize for this, and you'll just have to ask me in person sometime.
We went in as an orchestra of 24 under an AWESOME Christian composer and conductor.  Our mission was especially to encourage the believers as they have a huge job of shepherding the explosion of churches and new believers in this country.  We gave musical expos, lead master classes in each instrument, invited the natives to practice and play with us, and held wonderful worship services which we called concerts.  Continual full houses.  Many people heard the gospel, many became believers, and we passed out a lot of greatly-desired Bibles.  The time could not have been more special. 
When our orchestra was preparing to go through the airport, we were given strict instructions as to what to say and what not to say, how to act, how to proceed, etc.  We had so much extra baggage it was laughable, and knew that if customs had any inklings that this was not for us, they would confiscate it.  We were loaded with instruments, Bibles, clothes to give away, and likely the kitchen sink.  I myself took an entire drum kit including all cymbals, hardware and throne.  Another woman took 15 violins.  We were all heavily loaded on top of our own instruments and personal things.  To give you an idea, I think we paid $2,000.00 overage because of the extra weight.  This is because the people we were going to work with are kept desperately poor and we planned on leaving everything once it was time to leave.
Almond Tree
Our group of 25 proceeded through customs.  The sniffing dogs made a thorough check.  The lines were long.  As directed, when our turns came, each of us proceeded straight out the doors without waiting for anyone else.  Outside the airport, our friends were waiting for us.  Once everyone had cleared security, we found that EVERYTHING had come through!  They hadn’t even opened one suitcase!  To top it all off, our friends said that it was the toughest airport in the country to get anything through.  Miracle!  No surprise here – God wanted it in – it went in.  We were just doing our part.  Now THAT’S awesome!  It was a time of reuniting with friends and celebration!

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