Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Missions Trip Part Three - People

Tonight I'm simply going to show you some pictures of people I encountered on our trip.  These are a very beautiful people, both inside and out.  And we all know that INSIDE is the most important!

This picture is me leading flutes in one of our master class sessions.  We would break out into different instrument groups for some special work, then get back together for more full orchestra practice.  We had a lot of flutes in each place - I think 18 here.  One of the young ladies was one of the most famous flutists in the country - I'm not sure if I taught HER anything, but we did have fun!

Two more flautistas.  We met last year when I went on a previous trip.  It was great to see them again, and wonderful to have deepening relationships.

The young lady's name wearing green is Maylene.  She asked for a special Bible, about which I will tell you in another installment.

A very special circle of people.  I had to step out of the prayer circle to take a picture, as it meant a lot to me.  When we go in prayer, nothing can stop us.

Three good friends.  These two, Oelber and Alejandro, befriended me when I met them last time.  This time our relationships deepened (even if Oelber locked me in the bathroom on the bus - I FORGIVE YOU, OELBER, but I do remember!)  A big part of our missions trip was to encourage the believers.  These two encouraged me as much as I possibly could have encouraged them.

This was toward the end of one of our master classes.  We were sounding pretty good, so I decided to take them out into the street.  We gave a mini concert to workers, children and passersby.
Beautiful flutes.  I always wanted to play in a flute choir!  I had brought along a bunch of duets and trios that we enjoyed playing together.

In one town, a number of people that came to play with us were players in that city's concert band.  It was MUY ESPECIAL to be invited to go and hear THEM!

They had practiced with us and wanted to be in our concert, but theirs was also that night, so... we postponed our concert two hours, ran over to see them, and then they ran back to join us!  It was a seriously special evening.

These two pictures are their parking garage.  They even had valets to watch bikes during the concert.

It was an enclosed courtyard within the church where they parked bikes. You can see the crowd filing in on the right hand side of this one - and there was a BIG crowd!

I'm not exactly sure what would happen if the person who parked his bike first had to leave early...

Flutes.  I love my flutes.  Every one of them.  Actually, they are flautistas.

Now we've traveled to another town.  More musicians.

This is the drum kit I was able to take down, thanks to prayers and the help and donations of my friends.  It was GREATLY needed.  We took it all over the country as we played, and then left it in a very big church that didn't have drums and desperately needed them.  Oh, so satisfying.

The moment the drums came into the first church, there were five or six guys unpacking it, and it was well-used the entire time we were there.  It was continually surrounded with a waiting line of guys ready to play.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the best-used kits anywhere.

Ahhh... Pedro.  He's a flute teacher.  He and quite a number of his students joined us in one town.  He gave me a theory book published in their country of which only 1,000 were printed.  His inscription to me is lovely.  I'm going to try to send him some theory books as well as they are begging for them.  The odds are against his receiving them, but the odds were against many things that happened on this trip.  When we walk within the Lord's will - it doesn't matter what the odds are.  HIS will WILL be accomplished!  Pedro and Antonio invited me to their music school (if we ever get back to that particular spot again.)

More flutes.  We had a pretty large number in this town, too.

The youngest one, Mariam, is a very special young lady to me.  We had a lot of fun together, and she traveled with us all week.  Antonio, in black, is a very polite young man who adopted me as his mother and took care of me.  After saying goodbye and leaving the service the last night we were with them, he came back about 15 minutes later because he was concerned that I might forget something.  He walked around with me and we talked as he helped me gather my things.  These people are seriously well mannered.

Filipe, in red, sat next to me and we took turns playing first flute.  We're musical equals and had a lot of fun. Filipe traveled with us all week.

Mairlis, here in pink, I met last year as well in another city.  How could I forget such a sweet girl!  The only thing I COULD forget is how to pronounce her name, which is pretty much unpronouncable to me.  I kept trying, and continually referred to her turtleshell necklace which had her name cut into.  When we left them, I gave her the bracelet I was wearing.  When I got my flute out at the next town, there was her tortoiseshell necklace with her name on it safely nestled in my case.  I will treasure it always.  Oh, Mairlis, I can't pronounce your name, but I love you!  Well, it's time for bed.  Check me out tomorrow and I'll do another column on these beautiful musicians.

By the way, as a whole, their musicians play at a very high level... higher than Americanos.  They love their music, and it is a JOY to play with them.

Buenas noches!


  1. Love to play flutes. and crazy to be with drums. Nice blog sharing. Cool music group :)
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  2. Thanks, John - yeah, it was seriously awesome. Tried to get on your blog but couldn't get to it, so I'll answer here.