Monday, April 25, 2011

Missions Trip Part Eight - Ocho - Walking in Two Worlds

For those of you just joining me, you're now reading part EIGHT.  If you want to understand where I'm coming from, you may want to check out previous posts first.

Tonight - a poem.  I don't write a lot of poetry these days; but when I have really deep feelings about something, poetry wells out of me.  Here's the one I composed last night on my bike ride while I was contemplating the wide divide between my world and the one I just returned from; so near to each other, yet so very, very far apart.
Walking in Two Worlds
April 24, 2011

I'm walking in two worlds.
As I walk in my world,
I see you
Walking in yours.
Each day we walk
In two worlds,
yet... in one.

We're praying in two worlds.
As I pray for you in my world,
I feel you
     praying for me in yours.
Each day we pray
In two worlds,
  yet... in one.

We hope together in two worlds.
Although far apart,
     we hope together in Christ.
Knowing that someday
through Him,
Our two worlds will be One.


  1. I found you through Leovi, great page! I started my own art blog as well, about the greatest works, come check it out ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting! I will come and see you!