Friday, March 16, 2012

Anthropologie Does it Again

 The windows of the store, Anthropologie always draw me in.  I don't know who the artists are that come up with all the wonderful ideas that flesh out into these great displays, but sometimes I'd like to be one of them.

This season they've got a huge display of... yes... paint sticks.  Painted paint sticks.  Paint stirrers to be exact.  They're all hanging on differing lengths of string to comprise a huge, probably twelve foot long display in the front window, and probably eight feet or so high.  It would have been fun to have been the ones to have painted them - they show joy!

Gets me excited for my 'messy painting day' which I'm planning for my classes in two weeks.  Yaaaay!  There is not much more fun in life than throwing a lot of paint around with kids - sometimes on ourselves and on each other!  Can't wait!

Scroll down and look at these great Anthropologie window pics.  The last one is different, the threw paint down and made a 'skin.'  A skin is when you get layers of, say, acrylic paint, and you can literally peel it up and do all kinds of things with it.  Of course, their skin they did photos of so they could create these window peels that the employees simply stick up, but you get the message.  Love, love them all.

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