Monday, March 26, 2012

Seahorse Painting Part 3 - Video

Here is a little video that shows my use of Friskit.  Friskit is used to preserve the white of the paper.  In my work, I often use it to preserve the subject, as I have here, so I can paint in a background that's cohesive, and which flows, regardless of the subject.  Once I'm finished painting my layers, I have to let it dry for a couple days, then I can peel the Friskit up, as you see here.  THEN I can go in and paint the subject.  In this case, I'll be using colors which are complimentary to the background, which changes from top left to bottom right.  It's going to be a VERY colorful painting; I'll leave those limited palettes to some other artist for a while. 

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