Sunday, March 11, 2012

Upcoming Classes taught by Yours Truly

Okay, all of you who have asked me to teach summer classes over the years - here's your chance! I'm going to be teaching metal embossing at The Woodlands League Art Gallery this June. This is a great, fun class even for non-artists.
This picture is part of three peonies I did, in its first stages.
 Here's the lowdown:  Metal Embossing Fun for kids ages 8-11, Tuesday and Thursday, June 12 & 14, 3:30-5:30.  $60.00.  I purchase supplies.  This is a class that’s so fun and relaxing, it’s hard to stop the kids when class is over!  Students will love learning how to emboss metal and create some truly nice, original pieces.  With some of their work, they will learn how to antique.  This is a class that is satisfying and fun.  Even non-artists can take home a variety of beautiful art of which they can be proud.
Metal Embossing for kids 12-adult :) This is a great chance for moms to take a class with their kids. This will be more intense and will cover Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 19,21, 26 and 28 from 3:30-5:30.  $120.00 for all four days.  I purchase supplies.  Students will enjoy learning the basics of embossing metal and will create a number of beautiful, finished pieces.  For their final piece, they will emboss a larger sheet of metal, gesso it to a board, prepare the metal to accept paint.  Once dry, they will be able to paint and finish it.  This will become a lovely, colorful piece of art with the metal glowing through the paint.  It’s a very satisfying medium that will leave you relaxed and ready for more.  I have taught this class many times and seen truly beautiful work come from non-artistic students.  Lots of fun for all ages; adults are encouraged to join in the fun, too!

 In both classes we'll be producing some seriously nice work for you to keep. Let me know if you have questions. If you want to sign up, let me know, or contact the Woodlands Art League Art Gallery, 
For this piece, I first embossed the metal, then gessoed it to a board.  I then prepared the surface to accept paint.  Once it was dry, I was able to paint onto the metal, rubbing off portions to let the metal glow through.

It's going to be a really fun ride!

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