Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seahorse Painting Part 2

 Okay, I drew the seahorse out.  Of all things, for some reason it gave me trouble.  I can draw human faces without erasing, but the crazy seahorse I had to redraw four times!  I guess it's because I know if you're going to put a lot of work into a picture, the most important thing is right in the beginning - composition.  Both subject and background.

At this point, I've lightly drawn the seahorse and its kelp, and painted it all in with Friskit.  Then I laid down layers of inks, being careful to let each layer dry absolutely before adding another.

You can see the seahorse image barely showing through.  Once I get another coat of inks layered over this one, I'll let it dry and take the friskit off.  What it does is preserves the white of the paper.  I'll then go back in and paint complimentary colors.

Here's part of it down in the lower section of the paper.  Love the colors already!
This is not what you'd call a limited palette.  And this is only the background!  I'll have a bevy of  complimentary colors to paint directly onto the seahorse once these first layers get painted and dried, and once I've removed the Friskit.  The stuff is similar to rubber cement, except thinner so you can paint it on.

No limited palettes for me!  Stay tuned for a video I just made which should help you understand how Friskit works.

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