Monday, April 21, 2014

A Word from this Blog's Sponsor

Hello, Wonderful People,

Some advertising business to get through:

Tomorrow evening, April 22, and Thursday evening, April 24, we are having open houses at The Training Center.  You will be able to meet the teachers, check out curriculum, snoop around the place and register for classes for the 2014/15 school year.  Check out our site and come on out and see us!  I already have one full class, so if you're seriously interested, please contact me soon.

I'm also giving art classes with the HIS Classes,

Also, I'm giving private lessons.  They are $60.00/hour and we can work around schedules.  They are a lot of fun.  I begin where you are and direct my lessons toward what you want to learn and the mediums you are interested in.

If not on this site, you can also contact me on my email account,

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