Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prizewinner at Judged Show!

 Saturday, April 25 the Woodlands Art League had its semi-annual Judged Show.  I entered five pieces.  Four in the Professional Mixed Media division and one in the Professional Abstract division.

I was delightedly surprised with five ribbons!  Two firsts, a second, a third, and an honorable mention.

This first painting is my first place abstract.  I call it Angel's Wings, and it's a beautiful mixture of cool colors with some bronze setting off the deep blues.  I was actually playing with this and doing some experiments, and, lo and behold, I liked it!

This one got first place in the Professional Mixed Media.  I call it 'Traveling Girl.'  It's a painting of one of my art students this year.  I loved the photo of her strapped into her car and enjoying the sunshine, and told her if she didn't paint it, I would.  We both did!

Once she and the background were painted, I chose paper to collage, including music and maps.  The music is from some musical I played in, and the particular places on the maps are some of my favorite places.  I guess that makes this kind of a self-portrait as well!

This one is about as bright as they come.  It placed second in the Professional Mixed Media division.  When we're talking art history, I tell my students about the artists called Fauvists.  They were so named because they painted with bright unrestrained colors, like wild beasts.  Fauvist is French for 'wild beast.'

Kind of nice painting like a wild beast now and then, and I like my little glowy eggs.

More pictures next time...

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