Friday, November 1, 2019

Golden QOR Watercolors

Oh my lucky, lucky students! I have used every watercolor under the sun and when Golden Paints came out with these QOR colors a few years ago I switched without a backward glance.  Perfect for professional artists, perfect for everyone else too. I absolutely adore teaching watercolor to others.

These QOR sets come ‘High Chroma,’ ‘Earth Colours’ and another one which is called something like ‘Traditional Colours.’  I have a nice set of 12 with a bigger tin.  The wells are in the lid - you can see the lids have different sized circles in them.  Perfect.  They just make so much sense.

DID YOU KNOW.... you should never use watercolors straight from the tube?  Squeeze them onto your palette and let them dry.  When you’re ready to paint, re-hydrate them with a squirt bottle.  If you use it straight out of the tube it will waste paint.  A tube of watercolor paint, used correctly, can last for YEARS.

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