Sunday, November 24, 2019

Stone Flow For Sale

This.  This is ‘Stone Flow.’  At 24”x30”, it’s the biggest piece in my Steel Blue series of four paintings.  It has a partner, ‘Stone Flow II,’ which can actually hang next to it as a diptych (two paintings hung together as one).  When they’re hung together they actually DO flow together.  You can see that in my previous stone flow post.  Pretty much loving these. Please buy them so I can afford to make more.  

You can find all four of my paintings which are sold separately - Stone Flow, Stone Flow II, Chain of Events and the incomparable Abominable Baby Bird at  On my website you’ll find many more pictures and some closeups so that you can see the textures.  I textured the canvas before painting these to give it added interest; it’s like an untold story that makes you think.  

Check them out! 

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