Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Paint Pouring Art

I love this! Because it’s covered with smooth, shiny resin the photos aren’t the best and are very reflective, but you get the idea.   That shine deepens the colors and just makes it gorgeous, I’m just sorry I didn’t take pics before I gave it a resin coat.  The reds and blues work so nicely together and the pop of black and white just makes it fun to look at.  Throughout the painting you will see a gunmetal shiny grey sparkle that just pulls the whole thing together.

I created this on an 8” x 8” square cradled birch and the colors flow over all sides to make the entire thing look like art. Rich, high-quality acrylics make this an archival, non-fading heirloom. At $65.00, that’s quite a bargain and a fantabulous one of a kind gift!  Find it at

Note: this is an extremely thick layer of acrylics.  What do you do if it gets dusty?  Take a damp cloth to it.  That’s all!  The surface is impermeable. 

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