Friday, January 31, 2020

Acanthus Leaves, Newest Painting

This pencil, pen and watercolor piece and the other two pics foreshadow the painting I just finished TODAY!!!  This afternoon will be photography (and soup making) so watch my feed and I’ll post my full-blown 30”x30” painting tonight!


I really love the watercolor; it seems fit for framing itself.  The big painting is acrylic and charcoal and was a JOY to paint.  I have long love acanthus leaves; they inspire me in so many ways.  Looks like the start of a new series... I used @rubymountainpaintco and @hydracolour handmade paints for this; LOVE THEM.

Wait until you see the finished piece.  A blurry portion is shown here in the background behind the brushes.  :). TONIGHT!!

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