Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Art Teacher Life

Absolutely buried under Artist Trading Cards.  Artist Trading Cards, or ATCs, are to be traded card for card among artists.  We’re exploring pattern my classes and have been looking at contemporary artists that work in the textile industry.  Our first trade will be ‘Patterns.’ So much fun!
I’ve been working with my awesome Molotow chrome pen; that’s why they’re laying all over.  They have to dry!!
Cool, huh? I’m also teaching them about focal point, thus the card I’m holding up has a focal point because of the black ink outline.

Now everything’s wet and I just need to walk away.  So... I’m going to go work out, swim and shower, then come home for supper and go to orchestra.  That’ll take me until about 9:00.  At that point, I’ll probably have a little snack, enjoy my fam and hopefully get a little more work done before bed.

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