Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Illustrations, Part 3

 Well, here is some of my work showing the development of characters.  It took me a while to get the first characters, Jeweley and her little brother, Jem.  I was also still working through making them more jewel-like and less rock-like.

Here's an early Jeweley.

 Here's an early Jem.  I wanted him to be a chubby little dude, but the author didn't, so he went through some changes before we got him right.  Jeweley is in the beginning stages of her more-than-awesome hairstyle-to-be.

 Here are both Jem and Jeweley, looking pretty rock-like.  At this point, we're getting closer with Jeweley's outfit - both the author and I liked the ruffles, but she decided upon a dress without the shorts.  Jem's still a little chubby bub.
Here's Jem REALLY chubby - I just couldn't resist for some reason!  And he's very stoney (I guess, deep down in my heart of hearts, I always thought of rock people as fatter.)

There's a hint of the future jewel in him, however, in the newer coloring.  Before, I was still picturing them as rock people, therefore giving them rocky colors.  Here at least I'm beginning to come through with the jewel tones.

Next post - Jeweley revealed!!