Monday, February 10, 2014

Chamber of Commerce Show Upcoming; Rangoon Creeper Painting

Below is a collage I just did that I'm going to put in my upcoming show for sale.  Outside I planted a Rangoon Creeper on our arbor, and it's growing great guns!  Gorgeous pink flowers, they're also fragrant, which is very important to me.  Not only fragrant, they're headily fragrant.  Yum.

This one I painted in happy, bright colors, a combination of liquid acrylics and watercolor.  After that, I found varying papers with the colors, textures and message I wanted to add in, and slowly built up the collage to heighten interest and give more depth and mystery.  Of course flowers make me sing, and there are so many things in life to sing about, so I had to sneak some music in, too!  This particular music is from a musical theater show I performed in, so it's special to me.

Knowing the acrylic medium provides a barrier to paint, I painted the music before I laid it in, wanting to bring out the leafy, cool colors.  Once finished, I gave it another layer of gel medium and of course a layer of UV protectant varnish.  It measures 11x14 unframed.

I like it!  My show will be at the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce starting March 31.  I plan on selling this piece for $300.00.

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