Friday, February 7, 2014

The Beginnings of my Illustrations for Ribbons of Rainbows

It's been almost a month since I finished illustrating Ribbons of Rainbows, by Kimberly Vogel.  At this stage, a second editor has been called in and is working together with the team and the graphic designer.  The pictures and responsibility are out of my hands now.

When I was hired for this project, my charge was to come up with characters for the Stone family.  This is a family of four, Mom, Dad, Jeweley and her brother Jem, and then Grandma.  The closer to Jesus they were, the more jewel-like they became, emitting ribbons of rainbows.  When they were angry or far from Jesus, they became downright stoney and did not reflect at all.

It was a challenge to come up with the characters, and in the beginning I had a hard time, creating them to be far too 'stoney.'  Finally, I went to the library and poured through 'coffee table' books of gorgeous illustrations of jewels.  This resulted in me drawing jewels, likes the one in this picture.

I've got pages of these.  I just had to set aside the characters and concentrate on cut, color and clarity for a while.

After this, and after learning a lot about jewels, it was fairly easy!  I'll be posting the characters after this, so you can see what I created.  The jewels also inspired the color choices made for each character.

So, I guess it all began right here, sketching jewels!

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