Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Illustrations, Part 4, Jeweley Revealed

With each picture I drew, we'd go through a process.  The contract stated a sketch and a final for each illustration.  I would do my own preliminary sketches as I was developing the picture, then I'd do a draft and send it to the author, Kimberly Vogel.  Sometimes she would send it to the editor, and they'd work on it together.  Sometimes the editor (thanks, Kitty!) caught things we never even thought of - thank goodness!  Step 1.

Step 2 - she'd make comments and I would put those changes into the final.

Step 3 - Final, in pencil.  If there were no changes to be made, I'd ink it in and paint it.

So, after reading that, you can see that there was an impressive process of back and forths for every picture.

After working together for some time on Jeweley, my first character, I drew this picture.  After choosing the color scheme and coloring parts of her in I leaned back.

There, looking back at me was my girl.  And I knew it.  And so did Kimberly.  We had done it, together.  Very satisfying.

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