Monday, February 3, 2014

Chamber of Commerce Show, Dragon Paintings Series

My art show will be at the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce beginning March 31, and I'll be displaying a number of paintings for sale. 

Here I have some photographs I took of some of my friends whom I decided I wanted to paint.  These are the fine fellows over on the East Shore of Lake Woodlands. I like to visit them from time to time and hold private little conversations with them.  They're very good listeners!

At one point, I decided to cut a woodblock based on my friends, so these are the shots I took to use as inspiration and information.  I did several completely different paintings in a series using this woodblock and they all turned out serene and thoughtful... peaceful. 

Soon I'll show you my finished woodblock, and some of the paintings.  I'm having a show at The Chamber of Commerce soon, and will be exhibiting and selling them.

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