Thursday, February 28, 2019

Meet the Artist of This Blog!

Meet the artist of this crazy feed! Here I am waiting for a show in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, the only building in the city that is permitted to have a thatched roof, for obvious reasons.  We enjoyed two peerless shows whilst there.

 I’m in one of the balconies but you can look down to see that people still crowd around the stage, lean on the stage and stand shoulder to shoulder for the entire length of the show!  What a place.  

I also notice my gold earring(s). I lost one on that trip.  Came back Stateside and found a different sized gold hoop and wore them as a mismatched pair.  I’ve always felt that ‘life is short, you might as well mix up your jewelry!’ The next time we went to Europe I lost my last hoop! Maybe the next time we go I’ll find a pair, huh? :) 

Man, I miss those earrings.  Dang.

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