Saturday, February 2, 2019

Octopus Paintings Compared

I painted these two octopus paintings several months apart.  For one I wanted to focus on lines and for the other I focused on texture. I was surprised when I set them next to each other that they looked like they had been painted together and look as if they’re joining... well, not hands, but maybe like each one’s arms are extending beyond himself over to the other. They truly are a pair! One thing that unites them is my treatment of color; I used the same colors and laid them down in thin glazes so you could see through each layer of color like stained glass. 

The borders I put above and below (to make a square for Instagram!) are super closeups.  Each piece is 24x30” and they’re on my website to be sold separately unless some lucky person decides to purchase them together.  LOVE these!

You can find them at

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