Monday, February 25, 2019

My Mother’s Hands

My goal is to keep this feed related to art because I’m a professional artist; however tonight I must make an exception. Actually, maybe it’s not that big of an exception.  These are my mother’s hands. She’s caressing our cat Calypso who loved cuddling with both my parents.  My mother is gone now, and so is my father.  So is our beautiful, good natured sweet kitty.  I miss all three of them.  This photo brings it all crashing back.  But really, what IS art? It can be many things, but taken down to its very essence, I believe it’s living a life to glorify God, loving people and caring for your own.  And boy am I thankful that God was gracious enough to give us animals to love us and to teach us how to love. And living a well-lived life?  Now THAT’S art!

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