Sunday, January 6, 2019

Creative Steps #7, Painting the Cat

I think this is Creative Inspiration and Steps Installment #7.  If you’re interested, you can scroll down to the previous posts.

Don’t be afraid! You must be a brave soul to create!  You also have to have a vision.  There are stages in your work that CAN look downright scary, so it’s important to keep your end goal in mind. 

I wanted to do justice to his gorgeous green peepers so I knew I’d need a white background to reflect those colors. These four shots show my next stage, which is finally painting Lupino himself.  My color work is mostly done and I’m now going in only with black, white and a slow-dry medium.  

Yes, my studio looks messy.  Yes, it always looks that way, and yes, I know where everything is!  Several days of painting the cat, with important nights in between.  This gives me fresh eyes to come back and see things I had previously missed so I can get him just... right.  

But as for now we have to look at those terrifying, vacuous eyes.

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